Data of material that did not make it into the CGN collection or is no longer part of the CGN collection

CGN is particular in adding new material to its collection, and as a consequence sometimes, after careful consideration, it is decided that material is not included in the collection. It is also possible that material that was accessed in the CGN collection and received a CGN accession number, was subsequently removed from the collection. Accessions that were removed include accessions which were transferred to other genebanks (e.g. the Dutch-German beet collection), or accessions that, after careful consideration, proved to be duplicated and thus redundant.

We provide the data as is, we only store them, we do no longer curate them be aware of this when you are using the data! More data, such as characterisation and evaluation data, might be available for some of these accessions. If you would also like to get access to these, please approach one of our staff with a motivated request and we will try to help you.

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