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Centre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands (CGN)

Database managers:
Willem van Dooijeweert and Frank Menting


From March 2009 the ECPGR Tomato database can be on-line searched for the minimum characterization descriptors agreed upon in the ECPGR Solanaceae Working Group.

Since January 2009 the database can be on-line searched for probable duplicate accessions. As well in the list of the search results as in the detailed accession information it is possible to generate a list of probable duplicate accessions by clicking the "Find" button in the probable duplicate field. A total of 7892 accessions were asigned to 2491 duplication groups.

Following a decision at the ECPGR Solanaceae Working Group meeting, 2007 in Olomouc, Czech Republic, the Centre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands (CGN) has been given the responsibility to develop an on-line searchable central crop database for tomato germplasm, collected and preserved by ECPGR members and associated countries which have not formally joined ECPGR yet.

The technical work of this version was carried out by Willem van Dooijeweert and Frank Menting from CGN. The database now contains passport information of more then 20000 accessions of several species. The database is being developed following the IPGRI/FAO Multicrop Passport Descriptors List. An extra field for original taxonomic data has been added. The taxonomy in the searchable fields is in accordance with Mansfeld or GRIN accepted nomenclature.

CGN only manages the database and does not coordinate the requests. Requests for material listed in the database should be directed to the collection holder (institute) of the material.

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